Saturday, February 12, 2005

Great Day in Portland Photo Shoot (Crystal Ballroom)

Great Day in Portland Photo Shoot



Here is the Great Day in Portland Photograph with features that allow you to click on a face and identify the musician. Double click and it will link you to their biography. This is a beautiful tool for those who own the photo and for those who would like to know more about the jazz community in which we live and listen!

“Portland is a jazz town.” The truth of this statement has been recognized nationally and internationally for over 50 years. On Saturday February 12, McMenamins Crystal Ballroom will play host to the creation of an historic photograph recognizing the living history of Portland’s jazz community, as the Leroy Vinnegar Jazz Institute with the generous support of McMenamins, create “A Great Day in Portland.” Inspired by the famous 1958 portrait “A Great Day in Harlem", “A Great Day in Portland” is the first project of its kind to document Portland’s jazz history. Paying homage to Portland’s legacy as a vibrant jazz city, recognizing living members of Portland’s jazz family, and honoring those historic figures who made the creation of this valuable heritage their life’s work, the project will also help build a strong future for jazz in Portland. The photograph documenting this historic moment will be turned into an exhibit quality poster, available to the public, that will support the education and outreach programs of LVJI.

GREAT DAY IN PORTLAND can be purchased at Photographic Image Gallery

Below is the schedule for that day's events that came in an email from organizer Darrell Grant.

8:00 AM-Volunteers & McMenamins staff will arrive to set up the room for the photos. This will involve setting up some scaffolding, chairs, risers, benches, as well as putting up signage to direct folks where to go.

9:00 AM-15 dozen donuts will be picked up from Krispy Kreme in Beaverton

9:30 AM We will set up the refreshments and staff the registration table at entrance for early arrivals. Greeters will be at the front door to direct people to the elevator and stairs up to the ballroom. Greeters will also be at the 3rd floor exit from the elevator to assist seniors and give directions. (Any media that comes will probably arrive to set up around this time)

10:00 -10:30 AM- Musicians and other guests arrive. Musicians will go to the registration table where they will sign a photo release form & get their number. A photographer’s assistant will take a digital photo of each artist holding their number, which will allow us to identify them later in the group photo. Also during this time Dick Bogle and our videographer Carl Vandervoort will be conducting video interviews with various musicians, and there will be much media photo ops and mingling going on.

10:30 AM-We will bring everyone onto the set and set up the Great Day in Portland photo. This is the time that will require maximum participation as lights will be on and it will be hot.

11:00 We are ready to take the final photo that will go down in History

11:00-11:30 We will break down and clean up.

(above source: Darrell Grant press release)

It went essentially on time.

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