Saturday, August 05, 2006

David Sanborn

David Sanborn

David Sanborn headlining on the main stage at the 25th Mt. Hood Festival of Jazz.

He and his band are more powerful than ever.

Brian Flowers on keyboard was marvelous and drummer Gene Lake was a phenomenon. Nicky Moroch on guitar. They flowed like liquid together taking us all along on a rich journey.

During his breaks he was generous in thanking the jazz community in this area for their support. He was also quite funny. He was telling us a story when he stopped and said he couldn't remember something. "I have the memory of a goldfish", he said. "That's not necessarily a bad thing", he continued. "Trips around the bowl aren't so bad- oh look a new diver, hey look that air tank is new".

He calls New York City home.

Cannonball Adderly Legacy Band

Duane Eubanks Trumpet, Louis Hayes Drums, Antonio Hart Saxophone, Gerald Cannon Bass.

Cannonball Adderly Legacy Band

Antonio Hart, Duane Eubanks, Louis Hayes.

Main Stage. Mt. Hood Jazz Festival.

Cannonball Adderly Legacy Band

Louis Hayes solos as Dave Holland Big Band trumpeter Duane Eubanks and saxophonist Antonio Hart watch.

Mr. Sanborn has arrived.

David Sanborn has just arrived and is standing backstage taking in Louis Hayes and the Cannonball Legacy Band.

Later, on stage, he praised Antonio Hart saying, "Antonio left me nothing up here".

Cannonball Adderly Legacy Band

Louis Hayes, Gerald Cannon (Bass), Antonio Hart just after a solo on Duke Pearson's "Jeneane" watching trumpeter Duane Eubanks take it (standing at center stage behind Mr. Cannon).

Antonio Hart and Duane Eubanks warm up.

Antonio Hart

Antonio Hart and trumpeter Duane Eubanks warming up on the main stage. Performance with Louis Hayes in the Cannonball Adderly Legacy Band was just moments away.

Stage Crew. Set Up for Cannonball Adderly Legacy Band

I would like to point to the stage crew and thank them for their professionalism!

Louis Hayes is standing left of center getting assistance with a symbol stand.

I spoke with Mr. Hayes after the show. He was very interesting and was very forthcoming about his legendary career. At the age of 19, he was playing with John Coltrane.

He was headed to his home in New York City.

Rafael Trujillo and Dave Valentin

Dave Valentin soloing while conga player Rafael Trujillo looks on.

Dave Valentin Latin Jazz Ensemble

Conga player Rafael Trujillo, Dave Valentin at the microphone with his flute, and Ramsey Embick clapping the beat on the right. The Mt. hood Festival Main Stage.

Al Criado, Rafael Trujillo, Dave Valentin, Ramsey Embick.

From the man himself, through Al Criado then Ron Steen, Val en 'teen (accent on the teen) is how his name is pronounced by the way.

Dave Valentin Latin Jazz Ensemble

Al Criado, Dave Valentin, and Steve Moretti.

Main Stage. Mt. Hood Jazz Festival. They had one rehersal according to Mr. Valentin, over the phone. Hilton Ruiz is remembered with great flavor tonight. Mr. Valentin pointed out that Hilton was murdered by the police sadly.

Al Criado and Steve Moretti

Main Stage. Mt. Hood Jazz Festival. The Dave Valentin Latin Jazz Ensemble

Ramsey Embick

Main Stage. Mt. Hood Jazz Festival

He was pianist in the Dave Valentin Latin Jazz Ensemble.

Emcee Greg Gomez

Main Stage. Mt. Hood Jazz Festival

Thara Memory Super Band

Main Stage. Mt. Hood Jazz Festival