Friday, September 15, 2006

30 MINUTES OF FAME. 1:00PM TO 1:45PM. July 8, 2006. Cowal Family.

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The Cowal Family
Peter, Janet, Vince and Sanya joined me, Shawn Kirkeby, in KMHD's MCR (Master Control Room) at Mt. Hood Community College. Peter and Sanya guided us through music that included: Tom Grant, Brad Mersereau, Bill Beach, Sarah Vaughn, and Herbie Hancock.
Recorded Saturday, July 8, 2006. 1 to 145PM.

Listen here. (Approx. 53 minutes).

I offered this package at Atkinson Elementary School's Auction in November of 2005. Atkinson is part of the Portland Public School system and is located on 58th and SE Divsion street. It was part of the silent auction just down the table from Tom Grants CDs. I got in touch with the Cowals and we arranged to meet during "Jazz Interface" which airs every second saturday of the month.

The "30 Minutes of Fame" Package.
The package includes: 2 CDs with your picture, a framed photo and one without and a certificate of participation from KMHD mailed to you, not least of which is the fun and the GREAT music!

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KMHD's "30 Minutes of Fame". Learn More (click here).

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Jazz Interface Broadcast. September 9, 2006. 1:45PM to 2:50PM.

Jazz Interface.
At about 37 minutes, discover what Raymond Burr and Dave Brubeck were doing in the 1960's.

Listen below.

For a complete playlist click here on KMHD playlist .