Monday, September 07, 2009

Ben Darwish, Mel Brown, John Shaw and Barry Johnson of the Oregonian.

Above is a great collaborative effort among generations in Jazz. To learn more visit Barry Johnson has written this and many other articles that focus more directly on KMHD, which is mentioned in this article. It has reminded me of all the other information about KMHD he has provided over the past couple years leading up to the switch of KMHD operations from Mt. Hood Community College (which still holds the license) to OPB's Macadam Avenue facility.

From my perspective, that of a "DJ" or "on air host" for 26 years, the articles have been very helpful. They cover aspects of this juggernaut from outside, that I heard about from inside the jazzway, if you will.

In our age of the Internet and You Tube, this is a most documented radio transition.
If you want to see the full range of articles/blog posts about KMHD, type "KMHD" in the search box at for more about how it all came to be.

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