Monday, August 10, 2009

KMHD MHCC / KMHD OPB. 2pm August 12, 2009. End / Begin, seamlessly.

Video and Photos.

Ted Smith (babyboomer) and Ric Mancuso

Ted Smith and Lynne Clenndenin (photo by Al Evans).

Shirley Nanette and Deborah Smith.

KC Cowan and Shirley Nanette.

Tom D'Antoni.

Shirley Nanette and Marcia Hocker.

Just above is some video of "the switch" at 2pm, that changed the operation of KMHD from the studio at Mount Hood Community College on Stark in Gresham Oregon, where it has been since 1984, to the new studio at OPB on Macadam Avenue in Portland Oregon. In the video above, the audio you hear of Frank Sinatra, the last song, is coming from my iphone. I turned it down as I walked into the main control room. OPB's Raoul van Hall is on the phone and president Steve Bass is in the white shirt.

Tom Ely, from KMHD MHCC and Ted Smith at the mic at KMHD OPB... cooooool cats!

Thanks to OPB engineers who made sure that the beginning of Nina Simone was just quiet and not missing. Thanks to all the staff at OPB who have chosen to support this jazz radio endeavor with expertise they have demonstrated to many people all around the state. Thanks to all the KMHD volunteers, who share this vision.

The last two songs played at KMHD were, "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" sung by Tony Bennett (Here's to the ladies) and and "The Best is Yet to Come" sung by Frank Sinatra.

Tony Bennett and Diana Krall (Sinatra version unavailable at You Tube but listen to KMHD for the real thing).

The first song that Ted (babyboomer) Smith selected for play is below.

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  1. Shawn AKA The ShawnSHOW1:09 AM

    Reading this from my home in San Francisco.
    I am happy that KMHD is progressing and sad in a way. I have many fond memories of the people I worked with at KMHD.

    I have been a long time listener online and was a KMHD Production and Air Talent from 1986 to 1989 before my exile to California.

    Good Times are ahead for the KMHD crew.
    Hopefully, if all goes well and my condo sells... I'll be back home looking for an airshift.

    Shawn Clark aka The Other Shawn :)