Saturday, May 09, 2009

Silverton Jazz Festival 2009

The Silverton Jazz Festival features many many musicians that have been integral in defining Portland as a jazz hub. Micah Kassell who hails from the Silverton area continues to drive the tradition with diligence, skill, dedication and pigment, in his hair. The tradition of standing on the shoulders of giants lives in Portland, and adding a new balance is Micah Kassell. Bravo and thanks. The picture above is from the Silverton Jazz Festival web page, musicians link. The poster left is from the SJF web page. The videos below (except Bill Cosby) are Shawn Kirkeby (my You Tube channel).

The drummer in the video below with King Louie and James Benton is of course Micah...

You should also know he is a baseball coach with me on a Portland Little League team. I am here to tell you that there aren't many things that go so well together as baseball, jazz and...well, comedy as in the you tube video below sent to me by Pat ONeal.
Bill Cosby on being the house drummer. It is from a Dick Cavett program that also featured Jack Benny:

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