Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kim Heron, Lesbian and Gay Band Association, Obama Inaugural Parade 2009

Kim Heron is the music department at Atkinson Elementary School ( in Portland Oregon, USA. She is also an alumni of the 2009 Obama Inaugural Parade and as a parent of a student attending Atkinson, who is also a member of the band, I say "Bravo". She participated with her mellophone, sometimes called a french horn (

I was driving home on Thursday before the weekend of the Inaugural Parade and it was dark and cold. Up ahead I saw someone walking in the road on the left as you should you know, facing oncoming traffic. As I drew closer I saw something at the lips of this person and my first thought was, oh oh, somebody is out with an axe to grind and has decided to do it with a bull horn for us all to hear. It was an axe alright but it was a mellophone, not a bull horn, and it wasn't just someone, it was Kim Heron, working her chops!! My concern melted into a large smile. I tapped the horn and yelled "YES" in my warm, windows up car. That is dedication, but those of us who know Kim won't be surprised.

You can read much more about this organization at

Below are some photos I captured from C-span's archives which can be accessed by clicking on the title of this post or click or copy and past thi link: We are very proud. I looked around for her but don't know if I spotted her. If you know, post a comment below.
Kim's email:

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