Saturday, April 14, 2007

JAZZ INTERFACE edition of Saturday Jazz Lunch. On Air 12-3PM, 89.1FM KMHD

Thanks to Phil Brenes for his traditional jazz show this morning.

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  • Thanks to Saturday Susan.
  • Thanks to Phil Brenes.
  • This is JAZZ INTERFACE Edition of Saturday Jazz Lunch.
  • If you'd like to visit the team of chefs that brings you this program each week, visit for a sample of each's program and more info about our team.
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  • For example, do you have a question about being a good jazz audience member? I have been emcee for countless events and I have seen many. From backstage , on stage to the sweetest cool dark corner in the room (where I get out a little computer and write.)
  • Last hour with Marian McPartland with Duke Jordan from 1980.
  • John Pizzarrelli and Freddy Cole just walked into the studio. He is here to do some work for the Oregon Symphony and they will air here on KMHD.
  • I listen all the time and I know what's going on and you have it.
  • We Ann and John LOVE all the programs from Susan to Dr. J to you. We're on our way to tualitan for a party. 12:48PM.
  • Kay flew planes, learning in the 40's, she has perfect pitch and called with her complements. She's going to a 100th birthday party for a friend.
  • How can I hear more of that toe tapping traditional jazz that I am hearing on Bill Fetsch's program at the Portland Jazz Festival? (Visit and look at the artists. If you don't know them, call the Jazz Festival office- 503.228.JAZZ (5299). (21007).
  • We're out here in Camas, Washington and we just wanted you to know that we appreciate what you are doing. (21007).
  • James in SE Portland enjoys the program. (21007).
  • You played a great Sarah Vaughn, do you have... (long pause, I thought he was going to ask for her phone number) another called Shiny Stockings? (4.14.07).


1200 Legal ID

1208 Sweep
1208 Sugar 5:54 George Freeman George Burns! 2209 At Long Last George 2001 Savant. Yes that is Kurt Elling lending his vocal chords top this effort.
1214 Song of Silent Footfrints 7:00 Nnenna Freelon Listen 1491 Freelon, Nnenna Columbia. Arranged in part by NNeena Freelon. I met her once many years ago at a Mt. Hood Jazz Fest. She was disarming- and all business. I read her what I planned to say and asked her if there was anything else she'd like me to add. She mentioned her recent Grammy Award. Well... I'm glad I asked. A hundred years from now we'll read on a CD cover arranged by NF.
1222 Break Thanks to Bill Fetsch... and to Phil Brennes for a great program this morning.
Last hour with Marian McPartland with Duke Jordan from 1980.
1224 Straight No Chaser 5:03 Brian Trainor Trio And Friends Monk & Me 5258 Summit
1229 I Can't Give You Anything but Love 2:41 Sarah Vaughan The Diva Series: Sarah Vaughan 4843 Verve
1233 Sky! 4:46 Ray Vega Squeeze, Squeeze 5728 Squeeze Squeeze Palmetto
1231 Hold It Right There 5:27 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson Redux - Live At the Keystone Korner 4661 Savant
1237 How Long Has This Been Goping On John Pizzarelli Knowing You
1236 Break Thanks to Saturday Susan.
1237 A Beautiful Friendship 8:37 Bill Charlap, Peter Washington, Phil Woods & Willie Jones 2929 Woods, Phil & Bill Charlap Trio Voyage Chiaroscuro
1245 Sweep
1248 It Might As Well Be Spring Dave Valentin Mind Time 1987 GRP. Oscar Hernandez on keybords.
1254 Break
1256 Mas Que Nada 2:27 Oscar Peterson Soul Español 4863 Verve
100 Legal ID
101 Polka Dots and Moonbeams 5:52 Gerry Mulligan & Paul Desmond Gerry Mulligan & Paul Desmond Quartet 4014 Mulligan, Gerry & Desmond & Belleto Jazzfest Masters Scotti Bros.
108 Sweep
108 For All We Know Freddy Cole To The Ends Of The Earth Recorded in New York January 1997. Cyrus Chestnut, Joe Lock, Joe Ford, George Mraz
109 Cherokee 10:26 Frank Morgan City Nights 5901 HighNote
119 Pick Yourself Up 5:12 George Masso & The George Masso Tentet At Long Last Love 3559 At Long Last Love Arbors Jazz
122 Break
123 Statue of Liberty 6:11 Yellowjackets Blue Hats 188 Yellowjackets Blue Hats Warner Bros.
130 Joy Spring 5:42 Arturo Sandoval I Remember Clifford 1370 Sandoval, Arturo GRP
134 Poinciana 6:03 David Sanborn Closer 6081 Verve
136 Break
140 But Not For Me John Pizzarrelli After Hours 1995 BMG
145 Sweep
146 Clifton's Gold 7:39 Joe Sample Old Places Old Faces 247 Warner Bros.
154 Break I really enjoy looking through his web sork also. It is informative and interesting and telling about his life, and I don't mean what kind of toothpaste he uses, rather for example you'll see an album called "I'm Hip" and when you click on it the albums full name emerges... "Im Hip, Please Don't tell My Father".

153 JOHN PIZZARRELLI / FREDDY COLE INTERVIEW (add interview link here)

200 Legal ID
208 Sweep
215 Keep Walkin' 5:46 Kermit Ruffins 1533 St. Philip Street 2846 Basin Street
222 Break
222 Who's On First Bob Dourough Dave Frishberg Who's on First
223 Synthetics 6:16 Kurt Rosenwinkel Deep Song 5993 Verve
230 On Green Dolphin Street 5:56 Claudio Roditi, Jean-Louis Rassinfosse & Klaus Ignatzek Three for One (341) 5239 Roditi, Claudio Three For One Nagel Heyer
236 Break
237 Valentia 5:13 Eddie Parente 4259 Parente Eddie Touraco E.Parente Local
245 Sweep
245 In Full Swing 3:57 Frank Vignola, Jane Monheit, Jon Burr, Mark O'Connor & Wynton Marsalis In Full Swing $0.99 Jazz 4280 Odyssey
250 Blue in Green 4:15 Bill Evans Affinity 533 Evans, Warner Bros.
254 Break Thanks to Freddy Cole and John Pizzarrelli
254 Shiny Stockings Sarah Vaughn The Diva Series
256 The Difficult Season
Dave Frishberg Do You Miss New York 2003 Arbors Records
300 Break
301 Les Beaux Jours de Printemps It Might as Well Be Spring Looking at You

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