Saturday, January 13, 2007

JAZZ INTERFACE Edition on SATURDAY JAZZ LUNCH 12-3PM January 13, 2007

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1. Thanks to Saturday Susan.
2. Thanks to Dr. Jazz. If you'd like to send your regards to the good Doctor feel free to
email me and I will forward them to Dr Jazz in an email I am composing as we speak. [write more].
3. This is
Jazz Interface Edition of Saturday Jazz Lunch. If you'd like to visit the team of chefs that brings you this program each week, visit for a sample of each's program and more info about our team.
4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sharon.
5. IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION you can contact me at 5036618900 or at
For example, do you have a question about being a good jazz audience member? I have been emcee for countless events and I have seen many. From backstage , onstage to the sweetest cool dark corner in the room (where I get out a little computer and write.)
6. What Marvelous Program last hour with Marian McPartland and Eddie Gomez. Beautiful stuff.

The Tony Pacini Trio Live at Jimmy Mak's.

1. Tell the good doctor hello and glad to have you back.100PM.
2. Shirley said, It's amazing how much one can care about people we have never met or even Bill Fetch. I worried over George Fendel for months; now I worry and send good wishes to Bill Fetch. And thanks to you, Shawn, for your elegant programming.

1. I listen all the time and I know what's going on and you have it.
2. We Ann and John LOVE all the programs from Susan to Dr. J to you. We're on our way to tualitan for a party. 12:48PM.
3. Kay flew planes, learning in the 40's, she has perfect pitch and called with her complements. She's going to a 100th birthday party for a friend.

1200 Legal ID
O Boto (the Pink Dolphin) 6:22 Marcos Amorim Trio Cris On the Farm 5651 Adventure Music
1208 Sweep
1208 Car Tunes 4:18 Donald Brown Cartunes 819 muse
1212 Old Devil Moon 3177 Akiyoshi, Toshiko Maybeck Recital Hall Series Vol. 36 Concord Jazz
1218 Straighten Up and Fly Right 4:04 Arthur Blythe Exhale 4997 Savant

1222 Break
1223 La Fiesta Corea Hancock.
1230 Invocation to Shango 4:14 Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Charlie Byrd & Laurindo Almeida Music of the Brazilian Masters (Instrumental) 696 Concord.
1234 TA KI TA (For Alla Gi) Ed Shaughnessey
1236 Break Thanks to Saturday Susan.
1237 O Boto (the Pink Dolphin
) 6:22 Marcos Amorim Trio Cris On the Farm 5651 Adventure Music
1245 Sweep
1245 The King 5:44 Clark Terry & Bob Brookmeyer The Power of Positive Swinging 1189 Mainstream Jazz
1250 More Illusions 6:34 Hans Teuber Lucky 5525 Origin
1254 Break Let me give you the emcee.
1256 Blues Tony Pacini Trio Live At Jimmy Mak's 2006. Ed Bennett bass, Tim Rap drums
100 Legal ID
101 Young and Foolish Red Rodney No Turn on Red.
108 Break Martin Luther King. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sharon.
109 You're Free 5:28 Joe LoCascio Trio A Charmed Life 243 Heart Music Jazz
114 1825 Lady Bird Warren Rand, Dameron II-IV Aspen Grove
122 Break
123 Zulu 9:51 Tony Lujan Zulu 2553 Capri Jazz
133 New York New York Frank Sinatra duets Tony Bennett
136 Break I will post this playlist on playlists link. Chick Corea at the Portland Jazz Festival.
137 Trippin' 7:22 Jimmy Madison & Friends 90° With 100% Humidity 2643 Blue Chip Jazz
145 Sweep
145 Son Montuno 7:12 Chucho Valdes Bele Bele en la Habana 163 Blue Note Jazz
154 Break
154 Groovus Mentus 4302 Sheldon, Jack West Coast Classics Pacific Jazz. Recorded in Los Angeles in the Spring of 1955.
200 Legal ID
201 Milestones 7:04 The Jazz Crusaders Live at the Lighthouse '66 3855 Pacific Jazz Jazz
208 Sweep Cyrus Miles Davis

208 Freedomland Yellow Jackets Live Wires
215 Just Friends 1349 Shaughnessy, Ed Jazz In The Pocket CMG
222 Break Dr. Martin Luther Comments at the 1964 Berlin Jazz Festival.
223 Childhood Nightmare 6:21 Charlie Sepulveda Watermelon Man 366 Tropijazz 2005
230 Moten Swing 4:58 Marcus Shelby Jazz Orchestra The Lights Suite 3619 Noir Records Released June 10, 2006 Jazz
233 Great Round World Paul Delay The Other One. 1991
236 Break Dan Harpole died December 29, 2006 at his brother's house here in Portland. He was a friend and a good friend to the arts advocating early in his career at Centrum in Port Townsend, Washington. He was appointed by Governor Gary Locke to the Washington State Commision for the Arts. He was most recently in Boise directing the Idaho Commission on the Arts. Dan inspires to connect, support and spread the Arts- so valuable to all of us in sooo many forms. Here is a promo I might have created with that in mind. Dan was 51.
(You can hear this by clicking audio link above to the whole 3 hour program, forward counter to 156:08).
236 Chick Corea promo is Dan's spirit.
237 Summertime 3:11 George Shearing Verve Jazz Masters 57: George Shearing 5052 Verve Jazz
245 Sweep Toni Pacini now
245 Toni Pacini Love For Sale Live at Jimmy Maks.
254 Break Toni Pacini next CD release party is at Jimmy Mak's on January 27, 2007.
250 It Might As Well Be Spring 6:12 Rene Marie Live At Jazz Standard 4923 2003 MaxJazz
300 Break

See you next on my Second Saturday turn in the jazz kitchen, February 10, for another edition of Jazz Interface. Be sure to visit Saturday Jazz Lunch for info about the other chef's on the lunch team and be sure to tune in again for Saturday Jazz Lunch.

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