Saturday, December 09, 2006

Saturday Jazz Lunch / Jazz Interface Edition - Guaraldi, O'Day, Comden, Dixon, Holland, Brubeck, Holiday Music, Happy Birthday to My Dad.

Merry Christmas

Join me today, and listen above to the Saturday, December 9, 2006, 12PM to 3PM, installment of Jazz Interface on this second Saturday in December. I have Brad Mersereau's Christmas Carol and some other early Christmas music submisssions. Also listen to this
NPR Story by Felix Contreas about the music of Vince Guaraldi. He illustrates the circumstances that surrounded this music's role in the Christmas special, the album for which has never been out of print. The special very nearly did not air because of the music.
An audio letter to NPR followed that broadcast a couple of days later from a gentleman in his shop sanding some crown molding His reaction to the story was not unlike mine and I imagine many of you.

We'll hear some Vince Guaraldi.

Brad Mersereau and Marilyn Keller have a wonderful Christmas Carol dedicated to Gerry Young. He will be at the London Grill on December 15, and you can hear this then and all of his other work. This Carol features Michael Elliot arrangement, Marilyn Keller vocal, Cheryl Alex flute, Brad Mersereau piano, Phil Baker bass, Ron Steen percussion, and the producer is Steve Christofferson. It is included in today's program.

(Listen to last years promos)

Anita O'Day died on November 23, 2006.
Jay McShann died (shown below).
Floyd Dixon died July 26, 2006.
Betty Comden died.

Dave Brubeck's 83rd birthday was last week. Listen to a clip from Homer Clark's 1973 interview in today's program or hear the entire interview, click here.
Dave Holland comments on his composition "Conference of the Birds" in today's program that you can hear below.

Thanks to Saturday Susan this morning for a great show as she provides each Saturday morning- early!

Click here for a link to access the playlist of today's show.

Please keep Bill Fetsch in your thoughts. He is just beginning therapy to fight lung cancer. If you wold like to hear his last few programs in their entirety, you can listen on jazz His battle is large and he like we will whip this old thing one day at a time... and Bill I did check my dogs water before I left to come here. if you'd like to get him a comment you can certainly get it to him through me, Shawn, if you'd like. Click on Saturday Jazz Lunch on the Program Grid at and click on my name and it will also set you up with email to me.

My dad's birthday is today, and well... happy birthday.

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