Sunday, May 21, 2006

Planets Poem

This is a poem I recieved through my son who learned this in Debbie and Kelly's class at Childswork Learning Center Inc. The music that follows the poem read by my son is Tom Grant's "Outer Planets" from his CD called "Solo Piano".


The Sun's a hot star
and Mercury's hot too
Venus is the brightest planet
and earth's home to me an you
and Mars is the red one
and Jupiter quite wide
Saturn has those icy rings
Uranus spins on its side
Neptune is really windy
and Pluto's really small
Now we named the planets
Perhaps we named them all.

Well, that is a rendition of planets in a children's rhyme, my son's interpretation that considers our solar system. A somewhat more sophisticated comment is by Tom Grant.

From Solo Piano, here is a beautiful piece called "Outer Planets" performed on a nine foot Steinway D piano.

LISTEN (about 5 minutes)

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