Monday, August 10, 2009

KMHD. Over the Rainbow.

Thank you Mt. Hood Community College for many years of service to the community and for making the choice to keep KMHD vibrant.

I know it is steeped in high fructose corn syrup but it says a lot- the song of course.

I have been with KMHD since May of 1984 and have watched the transitions. This is another one that is the move to OPB site and operation. I am excited for the possibilities, even thinking about sleepin' in a hollow log and drinkin' muddy water. Thanks. Keep you posted.

Below are some photos of the studio yesterday, at Mt. Hood CC. I was Homer Clark's staff person, who was covering Art Abram's shift.


(photo source: Shawn Kirkeby. I have a little video and more pictures I hope to add here)

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