Monday, August 10, 2009

Jeff Cumpston Death

The celebration of Jeff’s life will be available live on-line.
Sunday 8/30/09 afternoon at 4 pm PDT

(source: Jan Mancuso, update 82909)

Here is a link to Mr. Cumpston's blog.
(photo source: JC Blog)

(below, thanks Tom D'Antoni)

In case you don't have Facebook, here are some tributes, among many others:

"I didn't know Jeff Cumpston that well, but I knew him well enough to admire him as a musician, educator, and person. He played at our wedding reception, and I got to play a couple gigs with him in recent years. But my strongest impression of him was from the West Linn High concerts I witnessed. What a remarkable job he did with those kids. This is really sickening news." --Louis Pain

"Jeff was one of the first teachers who helped me become a musician. He was the greatest of men. Rest in Peace my friend." --Derek Sims

"my friend and Portland drummer Jeff Cumpston was taken away today and we all here in the PDX musical community are attempting to make some sense of it currently. There is no sense of reason for this to happen with a good man like Jeff. A cruel, ugly, unfair twist of the fate of the big picture. I am in shock and am in a place where my heart is pained by this." -- Carlton Jackon

"socks the air right out of a whole lot of us. i have somewhere a cassette master of a kboo broadcast, one of the 1st times i met jeff, from abt 1980, w/ a group called e.s.p., i think, w/ balmer? wakeling? --somebody help my memory here(& to find repair or replacement of my cassette machines) BUT, what i want to say is that while i hold most of my musician friends in the highest esteem among humanity, seriously, i always felt that jeff has always been a jewel among jewels. in contexts musical or otherwise, he always brought exactly what needed to be "broughten", & w/ an awareness of everyone present--that last point alone is one worth pondering & remembering. jeff will be missed for at least 1 whole generation--MAKE IT MORE my friends." --James Edwin Olding

"is mourning the loss of Jeff Cumpston. we were his friends first, then his colleagues. I'm shocked, saddened, and am speechless. Our prayers go out to his wife and family. you will be missed, jeff..." Greg Garrett

"What a complete drag. Oddly enough the last time I saw Jeff we talked about cycling among other things. Great human being and musician." -- Clay Giberson

"Rest in peace Jeff. I loved playing music with you." -- Bill Athens

"We never know how much time we have, or when our time is up. Jeff Cumpston, I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -- Skip Elliott Bowman

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