Thursday, November 06, 2008

Scott Hurd and November Music Recommendations

Here it is , another great month of tunes -
Wed 11/5 7 pm Jon Koonce & One More Mile (rockabilly) at Rock Creek Tavern free
830 pm Poncho Luxurio (funk) at White Eagle Saloon free
Thu 11/6 630 pm Muddy Awards Show - Ty Curtis Band & Muddy All Stars Blues Band at Melody Ballroom free
730 pm Steve Kerin (70's- 90's pop on pipe organ) Chapel Pub free
( every Thursday Steve or someone else playing the organ & chimes.)
830 pm Colin Lake & Wellbottom (blues) White Eagle free
800 pm Big Band Karaoke at Tony Starlight's $8
Fri 11/7 900 pm The Insomniacs (jump/swing blues) at Duff's Garage $5
900 pm Western Aerial (rock) at Rock Creek Tavern free
930 pm 5 Guys Named Moe (70's/80's horns, 4 vocalists) Blackstone Grill Vancouver free
Sat 11/8 12 noon - 400 pm Power Pep Band at Portland State football game PGE Park $8
800 pm Neil Diamond Tribute at Tony Starlight's $12
900 pm Lisa & Her Kin (honky tonk) at Duffs Garage $7 (smoke free)
930 pm Kolvane (rockin blues) at Cascade Bar & Grill Vancouver $5
Sun 11/9 700 pm Kevin Selfe blues jam at The Refectory free
500 pm Kolvane (rockin' blues) at Music Millenium free
Mon 11/10 800 pm Lily Wilde's 17 piece Big band orchestra at Duffs Garage $5 (smoke free)
Tues 11/11 900 pm Dover Weinberg Quartet ( blues/R&B/swing) at Duffs Garage $5 (smoke free) every Tues.
730 pm Laura Cunnard Jazz Jam at Bethany Village Grill free (smoke free) every Tues.
830 pm Roof Access (funk) at White Eagle free
630 pm Pacific Crest Jazz Orchestra at Jimmy Mak's $5
Wed 11/12 800 pm The Insomniacs at Billy Bangs Pub $5
930 pm Blues jam with Suburban Slim at Duffs Garage $5 every Wed.
Thu 11/13 700 pm The Breakfast Club ( 80's hits on acoustic guitars) at Edgefield free
Fri 11/14 800 pm The Menace Band (60's, 70's cover band) at Bethany Village Grill free
900 pm Darrin Stout & the Starlighters ( rockabilly from LA) at Duffs Garage $10
930 pm Soul Vaccination at Inn at the Quay Vancouver $5
Sat 11/15 900 pm The Buckles (Beatles meet Bakersfield) at Duffs Garage $8 (smoke free)
930 pm Soul Vaccination at Inn at the Quay $5
900 pm The Menace Band at Macadams $5
900 pm Dennis Mitchell Band (60's70's sound originals & covers, features members of The Kingsmen) at Gemini Pub Lake Oswego $5
800 pm King Louie & Sweet Baby James (B3 organ based jazz) at Jimmy Mak's CD release party $12
Sun 11/16 900 AM Clark Bondy (jazz tenor sax) at Montavilla Baptist church service free
Mon 11/17 700 pm Gideon Freudmann (cello-bop as heard on NPR) at Edgefield free
830 pm Sudden Anthem (funky bluegrass) at White Eagle free
Tues 11/18 700 pm Dennis Mitchell Band at Music Millenium free
700 pm Bluegrass Jam at Rock Creek Tavern free (smoke free) every Tues.
Wed 11/19 700 pm Freak Mountain Ramblers (alt country, rock) at Edgefield free
Thu 11/20 500 pm Benefit for Willamette Riverkeepers & Oregon Bluegrass Association at Bagdad Theater featuring 4 bands. $20
Fri 11/21 930 pm Soul Vaccination at Blackstone Grill Vancouver $5
800 pm Bureau of Standards Big Band at Tony Starlight's $10
Sat 11/22 900 pm Soul Vaccination at Tonic Lounge $10
900 pm Dennis Mitchell Band CD release party at Holiday Inn Wilsonville $8
900 pm Los Cowtones (country/western swing) at Duffs Garage $8 smoke free
Sun 11/23 1030 AM Clark Bondy at Hinson Church service free
Mon 11/24 700 pm World War II bombardier Wilton Jackson history lesson at Kennedy School free
Tues 11/25 700 pm Brandy Goss (teenage honky tonk piano sensation) at Cornelius Pass Roadhouse free (smoke free, all ages).
Wed 11/26 700 pm The Checkered Present ( Americana) at Edgefield free
Thu 11/27 T H A N K S G I V I N G - give thanks for family and friends and life.
Fri 11/28 900 pm Duffy Bishop Band (blues) at Duffs Garage $8
900 pm Kolvane fan appreciation party at Trails End Saloon Oregon City $5
900 pm The Kingpins (rockabilly) at Bethany Village Grill free
Sat 11/29 800 pm Midnight Serenaders (30's vintage jazz/early swing) & Bridgetown Quartet (old time jazz/swing) at Duffs Garage $8 smoke free
930 pm Jay Bird Koder (blues) at Blackstone Grill $5
Sun 11/30 800 pm CANDYE KANE ( great blues powerhouse) at Duffs Garage $12
Whew! what a month

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