Tuesday, November 25, 2008

King Louie and Sweet Baby James. "Mood Indigo" and more.

The show was great fun and in this video you can feel the audience in it. If you'd like to see a high quality version of this follow the link to the You Tube home page in the lower right of the screen. You will find the words "watch in higher quality" under the bottom right of the video screen.
(picture source: Portland Tribune http://www.portlandtribune.com/news/story.php?story_id=122952999214863400)
For more: (www.myspace.com/kinglouiebabyjames).

This was the web press on Jimmy Maks calendar:
Louis Pain has been our resident Hammond organ master since the early days of Jimmy Mak’s, and with this project, he’s established himself as a bandleader as well. Leading an all-star lineup comprised of the old school and new school of Portland musicians, they play soul-jazz and rhythm and blues with flair and real heart. Among the featured players here are Renato Caranto, with his searing tenor saxophone, and the funky back beat of Micah Kassel on the drums. Waterfront Blues Festival front man Peter Dammon reminds everyone that he’s also a seriously bad blues guitarist. But the icing on the cake is “Sweet Baby” James Benton. His vocal work harkens back to the glory days of Williams Avenue in North Portland, when Jazz ruled the city and James was at the center of the action. With his commanding stage presence and natural sense of humor, James will have you clapping your hands one moment and laughing your butt off the next. With this much soul and funk on the stage, we’ll all have to go to church on Sunday!

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