Saturday, November 11, 2006

Saturday Jazz Lunch / Jazz Interface Edition

Saturday Jazz Promo Listen
Jazz Interface Theme

Todays Live Studio Broadcast 12PM to 3PM. Listen below.

Welcome to Saturday Jazz Lunch. This program is hosted by four individuals a team of musical chefs if you will. Every second Saturday it is my pleasure to serve up the menu on an edition called Jazz Interface. My name is Shawn Kirkeby. Geoff will be here next Saturday for another long lunch. Rita Rega will be here on the 4th Saturday and Judy will begin in the month of December- Stirring up great dishes as we continue in this holiday season.
Let me send you my regards for this veterans day, both former and active.
On todays show we will have a good sampling on this Saturday Jazz Lunch. Relax and hang out until three, unbutton your pants even. Music for Veterans Day, Thanksgiving the ultimate American Feast and a new Christmas Carol by Brad Mersereau, and Marilyn Keller, Cheryl Alex, Ron Steen and others later as well as a new CD by some local guys that comes out of the Jam Band scene- all today on your SJL Jazz Interface Edition.

Fall Fundraiser Thanks
Thank you all who called in last month for your support!

Brad Mersereau

Brad Mersereau sent me this CD about a month ago. It is called "Christmas Carol". Words and music are by Brad Mersereau, Arrangement- Michael Elliott, Vocal- Marilyn Keller, Flute- Cheryl Alex, Piano- Brad Mersereau, Bass- Phil Baker, Percussion- Ron Steen, Producer- Steve Christofferson.


TOMORROW IS THE 9TH BIRTHDAY FOR A MOST SPECIAL, GRAND young man of whom I am most proud- of course, he is my son. I WANT TO THANK HIM FOR TURNING DOWN MY STREET THOSE NINE YEARS AGO. When he's not tolerating me as dad we have a lot of fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Big Island Shindig

Out of the jam band scene with some marvelous jazz influences.

Ed Bradley
Former host of Jazz at Lincoln Center died November 6, 2006.

KMHD Fundraiser with Shirley Nanette at the Old Church.
Call 503.491.7271.

This is the studios copy of Shirley's CD autographed! (Click to enlarge).

Shirley Nanette

Cathedral Park. Exchanging phrases with Stan Bock. Watch
Dick Bogle's Tribute. She sings "Stormy Monday" Watch

See you in December on the 9th with some early Christmas celebrations.

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