Saturday, October 28, 2006

Saturday Jazz Lunch / Fundraiser

12PM to 1:20PM

1:30PM to 2:45PM

2:50PM to 3:05PM

Photo to the right:
Shawn Kirkeby, Doug Sweet (KMHD Station Manager), Rita Rega

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30 Minutes of Fame.
Look at this premium and listen to the entire show with the Cowal Family.

On behalf of Judy, Geoff, Rita and me, thanks for stopping by. Don't hesitate to leave your feedback.
Doug Sweet (below) asking for support for the Marian McPartland program, which he got!

Shawn Kirkeby and Rita Rega.


You can make a secure pledge at online at or by phone locally at 503.491.7800 or outside the Portland, (Gresham) metropolitan area, 1 800 its kmhd. If you have already pledged, thank you!

KMHD'S future site.

KMHD features music 55 minutes each and every hour.
Our CD library contains 6000 titles and is being added to all of the time.
We have been on the air since 1984 broadcasting jazz that ranges across the spectrum to include traditional or dixieland to fusions of all sorts. Fountain to Metheny, our volunteers bring their passion for the music to you 24 hours a day.

Early Days

My name is Shawn Kirkeby, and in the summer of 1984, I heard a call on the airwaves of a fledgling radio station on the campus of Mount Hood Community College for volunteers. I had some time and took them up on it. After meeting the station manager Kirk Wille, he handed me a manual for operation of round dial pots or volume controls and the mixing board generally, pointed to the studio and said, "practice".


We have progressed technologically and the music genre continues to grow. There are only a handfull of jazz radio stations broadcasting. KMHD is unique in its connection to a vibrant jazz community that entertains, innovates. and teaches.

Listener Supported

Consider lending your financial support to this rare aggregation of talents at any level you feel comfortable. While visiting or calling KMHD, look into the premiums that come with your membership.


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